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Is your kitty


It's hard when behavior issues get between us and our fur babies. If you're looking for a compassionate cat behavior consultant who cares about

you and your pet, you've

come to the right place.


Your cat won't use the litter box, is aggressive to people

or animals, or is acting up

in some other way.

Your cat's behavior problem

is costing you energy,

time, and money.

You've tried to fix the

problem yourself,

but the behavior


You don't know where

to turn to correct

the behavior.



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Cats Aren't "Just Cats" to Me

If your cat is behaving in a way that causes frustration or resentment, I can help. I'm Kasey Heimann, and I'm passionate about helping cats and their humans live together happily and without stress. I'll show you how to give your pet appropriate outlets for natural behaviors and stop unwanted ones. I'll also teach you how to meet your cat's unique needs and prevent bad habits from ever developing - and improve quality of life for both of you!

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Some Behavior Issues I Work With

Abstract Background

House Soiling


Black and White Kitten

"My cat was peeing everywhere! I was at my

wits' end, but Kasey figured out I had stray cats

coming around, and they made my Felix feel

like his home was being invaded. After a

few changes around the house, no more pee!"

~ Kari M. ~

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