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Feeding Newborn Kitten

Consultation Services

Image by Slavy Darozhkin

Standard Consultation


For specific issues with a single cat and less complicated issues


     • Destructive scratching

     • Cat introductions

     • Play aggression

     • Food problems

     • Environmental enrichment


     • 60-min Zoom or phone call

     • Follow-up calls at two and four


     • Email support as needed

     • Brief look at cat's environment

        to find red flags and make

        specific recommendations

Image by Ilse Orsel

Full Service Consult


For more severe, multiple issues

and/or multiple cats


     • Cat-on-cat aggression

     • Aggression toward people

     • Anxiety / fear

     • Peeing outside the box

     • Any issue you haven't been able

        to resolve on your own


     • 2-hour Zoom call

     • Follow-up calls at two and four

        weeks; additional if needed

     • Email support as needed

     • Booklet discussing common

        behavior issues

If you're on a budget, as I know a lot

of pet parents are, let me know and we

can discuss payment plan options. Discounts

are available for low-income, senior, military,

breeders, and veterinary/shelter clients.


Due to COVID-19, consultations will be done

primarily over Zoom or by phone call. However,

should the situation warrant it, I can still make

an in-home visit. This will require additional

 charges, including mileage reimbursement

at the current federal rate.

When you schedule a consultation, you'll receive the following forms:

          • A list of steps to help you prepare for your consult. This will help make the process

            go smoother and make it easier to diagnose the issue.

          • A checklist of information about your cat's background. It covers a LOT of

            information, but it's important to fill out everything, even if it doesn't seem relevant.

          • A re-check list. This is filled out for the follow-up appointment(s) and covers the

            issues that were discussed and whether they have improved or worsened after

            behavior modification therapy.

Once I've received the checklist packet and any relevant videos and photos, we'll schedule your consultation for seven to ten days out. This is to give me enough time to research and put together an action plan packet for you. More complicated cases may require a few additional days.

Payment (whether it be the full payment up-front or the first installment) will be due before the day of your consultation. You'll receive an invoice in your email a day or two after we schedule your Zoom or phone call.

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