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Become a Podcast Member

While I'm open to sponsorships, the podcast itself will always stay ad-free. At most, you'll see a (relevant) banner or two here on the website. I have NO desire to awkwardly pretend I use HelloFresh or sleep on a Casper mattress, and I'm sure you have no desire to listen to it.

To keep it that way, and to stay an independent podcast, I provide listener memberships.

Membership is voluntary. The majority of episodes are FREE and always will be. There's no signup required to listen to the main podcast.

To thank people for supporting the show, however, I offer a few exclusive extras for members:

  • Bonus episodes.

  • Transcripts - but prettied up. Rather than just copy-and-past my rough notes, I add pictures and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

  • A Discord community for cat parents and cat lovers to chat with each other.

  • Access to my private TikTok, where I occasionally post videos of my cats.

After your payment goes through (managed through PayPal), I'll email you the password to the members-only tab. This changes every month, so expect regular messages from me and keep the password updated on your device. In the members section, you'll find links to everything mentioned above.

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